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Mega Slime

The year is 8xxx, slime world is a peaceful place to live but to the unknowing there is darkness growing. An evil call Oda that was sealed away is now about to break his hundred year seal. Only the legendary Mega Slime can stop this evil. Long ago he locked himself away with the evil to save the world. But now that the seal is broken and Oda and his army are back, it’s up to Mega Slime to stop them and save the world!

Side Note
We plan to update this game. But right now we wanted to keep the game memory low. Because we wanted you guys/gals to help us with ideas. The lower the memory cost the more we can add to it later.

We hope that this idea can bring the players and developers closer so we can all enjoy much better games. If this idea works we plan on doing this again on some of our biggest projects. Thanks for the help guys/gals. Arrows = Moves
Z = Shoot
X = Change Power
P = Pause

You can hook to walls if you push at it.

To unlock a power you need to win a boss.

The Blue blocks can be jumped on even after they fade.
The Yellow Blocks moves two times and then back.
Purple Blocks Break after sometime.
Red Blocks Move left and right
Orange Blocks Move Up and Down
Also get a improve jump, if you jump while going up

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